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January 2015 eNewsletter

So you wanna be a data scientist? A guide to 2015’s hottest profession
Are you good at math? Like, really good at math? Do you also know Python and, oh yeah, have deep knowledge of a particular industry? On the off chance that you possess this agglomeration of skills, you might have what it takes to be a data scientist. Read more >>

Is the Sony hack corporate America’s cybersecurity wakeup call?
Will the massive data theft at Sony be the wake-up call we all need to get serious about cybersecurity? Read more>>

Where Big Data Jobs Will Be In 2015
Demand for Computer Systems Analysts with big data expertise increased 89.9% in the last twelve months, and 85.40% for Computer and Information Research Scientists. Demand for Python programming expertise increased 96.9% in big-data related positions in the last twelve months. Read more>>

11 Things to Consider Before Going to Work for a Startup
Tech startups are unlike other workplaces you have encountered. They sound exciting and glamorous—and perhaps some of them are—but if you haven’t worked for one before and you’re considering giving it a go, there are some things to consider. Read more>>

December 2014 eNewsletter

Top five enterprise technology trends for 2015
According to predictions released by US carrier Verizon, strategic network investments will be a top priority for chief information officers (CIOs) working in the corporate world next year, as more and more companies seek to make sense of Big Data, profit from the internet of things (IoT) and make the transition to the cloud. Read More>>

Federal cloud spending projected to soar – just not quite yet
New projections from Deltek’s Federal Industry Analysis team predict that spending on federal cloud computing services will climb rapidly over the next five years, hitting $6.5 billion in fiscal year 2019. Read More>>

6 steps to ruining a well-functioning team
Much has been written about leadership and “turnaround” situations. Loads of tips are out there for becoming a superhero executive, a heroic doctor who can take an ailing organization and bring it back from the brink. But what if you are the new leader of an organization that has been relatively healthy? That is poised for growth? That has a well-functioning team? Read More>>

How to get management experience when you’re not a manager
It’s hard to land a management position when you don’t have the title “manager” on your resume, or are able to provide specific examples of your management experience. Read More>>