At Risk? Impact of System Replacement on Legacy Data Retention

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
2:15 pm   -   3:00 pm

When a hospital replaces an old system with new, it may be at risk with how data from the legacy system is managed.  According to state mandates, protected health information (PHI) must be retained for seven to 25 years depending on data and facility type.  The proliferation of health data is accumulating over time.  We will cover how a clinical or financial system replacement directly impacts data retention policy.  We will analyze four common strategies for managing legacy data, considering cost, risk and level-of-effort for each.  We will share, via case study, how other organizations have ensured long-term data storage while complying with policy, saving money and streamlining access.  This session is for any hospital or health system that has or will replace a system.  It will be especially useful for organizations in merger & acquisition mode.  It covers electronic health record and enterprise resource planning system decommissioning and data archiving.