Creating a Modern Data Architecture for Actionable Intelligence

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
1:15 pm   -   2:00 pm

The lifecycle of data remains constant, but the speed, variety, and technology has advanced. Governance principles matter for finance, and are adapted to handle customer and operational content.

The changing business environment requires companies to put more sophisticated reporting and analytics platforms in place to accommodate the increased amount of data and information available from a variety of sources.  The explosion of not only the amount of data available to us but the amount of data that we need to explore and analyze to meet our business needs has quickly passed the capacity of traditional legacy tools and technologies – particularly ETL and Data Warehousing platforms.

There are so many elements to consider, and no pre-written playbook to follow.  But there are more best practices being recognized every day, and value realized by those organizations that are moving boldly ahead with a modern data architecture.

Topics will include:

  • Data Discovery as an approach for gaining new insights through interactive visualizations and data exploration
  • Data Governance principles that apply to finance should be adapted to handle operational and customer content.
  • Overview of the data lake approach and a recommended architecture
  • Best Practices in Data Governance

Learn from actual use cases how companies have leveraged data discovery through big data lakes to reduce costs, to improve customer satisfaction, to create new revenue streams. If you are hoping to unlock the power of big data in your organization this is a must-attend session.

What will the audience learn?

  • Overview of Data Governance Principles
  • Data discovery and analytics possibilities with this new modern architectural approach
  • Effective data lake governance and management