Data are Worthless

Thursday, March 24, 2016
10:25 am   -   11:10 am

Headlines like “data is the new oil” abound, and companies are collecting and storing more data than ever. “Data lakes” have replaced databases, but decisions are just as asinine as always. Why? Data has no value.

Data that do not lead to insights are worthless and hinder, not help, the decision making process. Business users, from the c-suite to line of business managers, must become their own source of reports and information. A company that relies on disparate data departments will fail.

Empowering users to democratize analytics within an organization is a process. We will focus on practical steps for users and executives to begin using data to make more informed decisions.

Attendees will leave with practical steps to begin using data or to use them more effectively, regardless of their role or level in an organization. Individuals of all levels will learn tools, strategies and questions to ask that will allow them to access data and become empowered, citizen analysts.