Data Odyssey: A Federal Agency’s Journey to Better Decisions

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
3:05 pm   -   3:50 pm

The session presents the case study of a government agency that initiated a transformation to become a data driven organization in order to make better business decisions. It presents the agency’s journey that started with a basic need to identify performance measures but resulted in a transformation along lines of effort that involved organizational, process and technology changes concerning how the agency used data.

It will demonstrate how a dozen independent divisions came together around the lines of effort and unified its fractured data management initiatives into a single data strategy.  Through its journey, the agency recognized the need to extract value from its data and the need to move from descriptive performance measures to predictive and eventually prescriptive analysis of data that would enable better business decisions.  The desired end state of better business decisions was driven by the need for higher quality risk mitigation and more efficient resource allocation.