Keynote: Accelerating and Integrating Digital Health Innovation

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
9:20 am   -   10:20 am
Ballroom A

We are a part of the digital health revolution today and its impact is now influencing healthcare and clinical research. As the accelerated pace of digital health innovation continues, we all play a key role in supporting industry education, implementation strategy and execution of these innovations to contribute value for all healthcare stakeholders. 

In this session we will explore insights and case studies on how to:

  • Plan and strategically implement digital health approaches in healthcare and research programs
  • Engage the digital health market of solutions to evaluate the best integration strategy
  • Integrate wearables, apps and medical devices into end-to-end programs
  • Set proper expectations when utilizing digital health innovation in your programs
  • Design consumer facing solutions for healthcare and research
  • Choose the best global locations to review and/or pilot digital health innovations
  • Consider digital health approaches working today and what innovations may provide value in the future