Navigating Wireless Big Data to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
8:30 am   -   9:15 am

There are overwhelming choices of wireless options available to Enterprises.  Because the data is so dynamic (it can change hourly) and because there are thousands of offered options from which to choose, it is a challenge to sort through this data to make it useful and specific for your business.

In this session we will review options to obtain, review and analyze this abundance of data.  An overview of how to use carrier portals to generate raw data and how to use this data it to improve efficiency and reduce cost will be provided.  Topics will include:  How to get a handle on the data,  how to identify issues and how to address them.

Attend this session to discover 5 Main Strategies Enterprises have implemented to harness big wireless data and make it work for you:
1.    Accessing raw data
2.    Compile and analyze the data
3.    Identify trends
4.    Use the data to increase productivity and decrease cost
5.    Leverage the data to negotiate plans with your carrier

A customer testimonial will be available to illustrate a real Case Study on how they decreased their bill by 30% each month while saving time and improving device management metrics.