The Comcast Journey to Self Service Big Data

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
12:05 pm   -   12:50 pm

With complexities in hardware/cloud, Hadoop distributions, installations, configurations, tuning, data ingest and curation, many organizations are finding it difficult to deliver on the promise of Big Data. A key reason is that until now, big data has been driven by complex technology limited to IT specialists and data scientists. In this session, we will share an example of how Comcast overcame these challenges for our IP Telephony team by building processes, tools, and resources to empower our analysts with self-service analytics to operationalize their data. Big data is not just about the technology. Developing internal processes and enabling the analysts are equally as important. Comcast implemented and executed a solution that includes all three components. We will share the lessons learned on this journey as we considered different types of technology architecture and deployment, centralized or federated analyst resource model, and various internal processes to achieve greater analysis efficiencies.