Jeannette Bensen

Research Associate Professor

Accomplished scientist and leader in the expansion of academic clinical research with partners in industry and government. Longstanding commitment to improving health care through thoughtful and rigorous research practices exemplified in all of my areas of expertise from patient care, teaching and genetic counseling to bioinformatics, epidemiology and molecular genetics.

  • Director/Principal Investigator with multidisciplinary expertise in molecular and population genetics, epidemiology and clinical medicine. Strong ability to collaborate across disciplines.
  • Extensive background in management and oversight of population and hospital-based, multi-centered consortia, locally and nationally, with over 25 years of experience in design, development, implementation, and oversight of multifaceted observational projects.
  • Insightful, independent, motivated collaborative team player
  • Molecular genetics focus on germline genetic variation in candidate cancer genes in pathways
  • Clinical focus on cancer with additional experience in genetic disorders and other clinical phenotypes. Clinical experience with neonatal, pediatric and adult populations.
  • Key leadership role in establishing multiple university-level research resources. Creates cohesive working groups, dev