Kenny Darrell

Lead Data Scientist
Bringing the Future Closer with Data
Thursday, March 24, 2016 | 11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Lead Data Scientist Kenny Darrell works in the area of fraud detection, predictive analytics and rare event and anomaly detection. He enjoys interacting with and advising clients and seeing the problem through their eyes.

Kenny works primarily within Elder Research, Inc’s federal government space on data mining projects, as a client advisor and oversees operationalizing data mining solutions to help clients get the most out of technical solutions. He tries to keep an even balance between hacking code and power points. He enjoys learning new things and trying to do old things in different ways.

Prior to joining Elder Kenny has been a Control Systems Engineer for the Air Force Research Laboratory and CDI Corp with a primary focus on aviation. Through working on projects related to image recognition, tracking systems, rare event detection and sensor data fusion he realized he could have more fun applying these techniques to more than just aviation issues. Mr. Darrell earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a MS in Quantitative Analysis from the University of Cincinnati, where his research focused on combining data mining algorithms to increase performance.